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March 15

Tips to Maximize Your Water Heater’s Lifespan

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Indoor Air Quality Akron,OH
February 15

How a Whole-Home Humidifier Can Improve Air Quality When Used Correctly

The colder months are typically the time when indoor air quality is at its worst. This is partly due to the fact that most people… View Article Read More

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January 20

Indoor Air Quality: Why Winter Humidity Matters

Indoor air quality, also known as IAQ, continues to gain attention as more people seek to stay healthy throughout the winter. Despite fewer naturally occurring… View Article Read More

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December 12

Should You Purchase a Heat Pump or Furnace for Your Home?

When homeowners need new heating systems, many of them just assume that a furnace is the best choice. After all, furnaces are extremely popular in… View Article Read More

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November 22

How Long Does It Take To Get A New HVAC System Installed?

If you are planning on replacing your current HVAC system, you may wonder how long the installation process will take. Although there are too many… View Article Read More

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October 19

The Effect of Burning Candles on Indoor Air Quality

Burning a scented candle inside your home can set a pleasant atmosphere. You may burn candles during holiday celebrations or perhaps you have them lit… View Article Read More

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September 20

Cool Your Ohio Home With a Ductless AC

As soon as the weather begins to warm up and the days become longer, people often wonder what steps they can take to keep their… View Article Read More

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August 17

The Major Benefits of New Ductwork Installation

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July 15

AC Unit Frozen? Here’s What to Do

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June 13

How Long Does a Landlord Have to Fix Your Air Conditioning?

Living without air conditioning during Ohio’s hot summer months can be a nightmare. Unfortunately, there are many potential issues that can cause your air conditioning… View Article Read More