Get a water heater replacement in Hudson, OH before your current unit fails completely. This gives you ample time to research the different types and features that are out there. Popular types include conventional, tankless, solar and condensing. The most common ones are conventional and tankless. While conventional water heaters are limited by the tank size, tankless water heaters produce an endless supply of water. They are easy to install and fairly cheap to maintain and repair.

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    Water Heater Replacement And Maintenance in Hudson, OHThe best way to avoid having to replace your water heater, however, is to schedule regular water heater maintenance. If you have a conventional system, we recommend that you get it serviced once a year to remove any debris or sediments that are in the tank. These can accelerate the rate of which the tank corrodes. After the water heater installation in Hudson, our team can provide you with more information on how to maintain and care for the tank. We’ll tell you when to call us next, and also provide you with more details on what you can do to keep it in pristine condition.

    Top-Notch Water Heater Replacement

    Whether or not you should replace your water heater will depend on many factors. The length of time between switching from one to another will depend on how well you maintain the system, its brand and more. At some point in time, however, the cost of the repairs will start to add up significantly and will be close to the cost of replacing the water heater system. On top of that, you might notice that your water heater will start to break down more and more often.

    Some signs that you should consider replacing your water heater include:
    • Rusty-looking hot water
    • Low hot water pressure
    • Water leaks and stains around the tank
    • Odd sounds coming from the tank
    Top-Notch Water Heater Replacement

    Upgrading to a new system will not only save you money, but will also ensure that your household gets a plentiful supply of hot water. Newer models have more features, are more energy-efficient and do a better job in general.

    We also offer water heater replacement and maintenance in:

    Reliable Water Heater Maintenance in Hudson

    Since 1991, Bernard Heating & Cooling has worked hard towards delivering best-in-class heating and cooling services. Our team has a lot of experience in installing a wide range of water heaters and have the know-how to help you choose the right one for your home. We offer competitive prices and hassle-free scheduling, and can even help you find flexible financing options if you are on a budget.

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