Better indoor air quality in Cuyahoga Falls, OH can greatly improve your overall quality of living. Common causes of a drop in indoor air quality can be an increase in number of building occupants around and a longer duration spent indoors, improper or inadequately maintained HVAC systems and contamination by construction or remodeling. indoor air quality testing looks for contaminants like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, dust, fiberglass, dust mites and microbial contaminants like fungi, mold and bacteria. Some tests also look for volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

    Indoor Air Quality in Cuyahoga Falls, OH

    You do not necessarily need to know what type of contaminants to look for. Home air quality testing in Cuyahoga Falls can vary in what they test for, but can offer a comprehensive overview. Our team will consider what types of contaminants are most likely to affect your home and will go the extra mile to also check for other suspicions. Based on our findings, we’ll be able to provide you with several solutions to choose from.

    Benefits of Home Air Quality Testing

    Taking the time to improve indoor air quality can be great for your overall physical and mental health. If you have asthma or allergies or struggle with autoimmune disorders or respiratory conditions, you’ll often see a huge improvement in your comfort level and a drop in symptoms.

    Even if you do not struggle with any of the problems listed above, you can still benefit from home air quality testing.

    After testing the indoor air quality, we are able to help you make some changes that come with the following benefits:
    • Reduction in odors
    • Less irritated skin, eyes and throat
    • Higher overall comfort
    • Increased HVAC efficiency
    • Lower energy bills
    Benefits of Home Air Quality Testing

    You’ll also find that your HVAC system will require less maintenance and will be less susceptible to premature wear and tear. In a sense, you’ll save money in other areas of your home.

    We also offer Indoor Air Quality services in:

    Better Indoor Air Quality in Cuyahoga Falls

    Established in 1991, our team at Bernard Heating & Cooling has worked in the industry for even longer that. We have the experience needed to deal with proper home air quality testing and will know what to look for. We are a trusted, family-owned heating and cooling company with a mission of providing exceptional services and workmanship. Our hope is to help you achieve perfect air with endless options, including humidifiers and dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and more. We help our customers apply for rebates and we also offer financing options with approved credit. We strive to be the best and you can expect the absolute best from us. Our team always aims to exceed expectations!

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