Does your heating system keep running even after your home is heated to the set temperature? Are you starting to wonder if there is a problem with the unit? You are probably right. Your heater should not run constantly. It’s a clear indication that you are experiencing a system malfunction.

A constantly running heating system will make your home uncomfortably warm. It also means a lot of propane or heating oil will get wasted, leading to higher energy bills. If your heater is constantly running, it’s time to get professional maintenance. A heater that is always on is simply short cycling. Here are some possible causes of a short-cycling heater and solutions to the problem.

1. Leaky Ducts

The continuous flow of cool and hot air through your ducts might eventually loosen joints and seals, causing conditioned air in your home to escape. Some minor leaks may also develop in the duct lengths, especially in hard-to-see areas. If 15% or 20% of the hot air produced by your heating system does not reach your living area, the heater will work harder to keep up.

If you have leaky ducts, you’ll need an expert to fix the problem. Repairing duct leaks requires a process known as duct sealing, where a professional uses adhesive, metal tape, or mastic sealant to seal the holes.

2. A Faulty Thermostat

Your thermostat can also be the reason why your heating unit is constantly running. A defective thermostat can have non-responsive switches, a faulty heating sensor, or, in some cases, poor wiring. Depending on the problem and its severity, your heating expert will recommend thermostat repairs or a replacement.

3. Clogged Air Filters

Clean filters allow your heating unit to run efficiently and distribute the heated air throughout your home. Clogged or dirty filters limit airflow, which means you are not getting enough heated air into your living space, forcing your heater to work harder and run more often.

Clean furnace filters are pure white, so if the unit’s filter has shades of gray or brown, you need to change it. Experts recommend replacing furnace filters every three months. However, if you have some pets or a family member with a respiratory condition, you need to check and change the filters more often, like once a month.

4. Broken Blower Motor

Every furnace has a blower or fan that’s run by a motor. This fan pulls in air from your house and pushes the heated air back into the living space. Sometimes, the motor may glitch or have a mechanical failure, causing it to run continuously.

The most probable cause of this issue is a broken fan limit switch, an important component that tells your heating unit’s fan when to turn off and on. Your heating expert can inspect your heater and troubleshoot blower motor problems. The professional will repair the wiring to the fan limit switch or install a new switch to solve this problem.

5. Pilot Light Problems

Some old furnaces have pilot lights that should stay lit during the cold winter season. If the pilot light goes out, you might find the furnace continually running and even blowing cool air in your home. You can easily relight the pilot by following the instructions outlined in your unit’s manual.

Modern furnaces come with electric-start pilots. These pilots light automatically whenever your heating unit calls for heat. If the pilot fails to light, there might be a problem within that mechanism. Contact your heating expert to inspect the unit and make the necessary repairs.

6. Wrongly Set Thermostat

If you set the thermostat too high, your heating unit will keep running to get to that temperature. As a result, your home will be uncomfortably warm, and before you realize it, your heater is constantly running.

Ensure the thermostat is set to the desired temperature and that it’s set to “auto,” not “on.” The “on” setting tells your heating unit to run continuously. On the other hand, “auto” tells the heater to run until your house reaches the set indoor temperature. The unit will automatically turn off until the temperatures fall below the desired setting, in which case it’ll turn on again.

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When your heating unit is running continuously, your house can become pretty uncomfortable. If you have checked your filter, pilot light, vents, and ductwork, you might have a serious issue with your heating unit. At Bernard Heating & Cooling, we will inspect your heater and identify the source of the problem. You may require a simple adjustment or heater tune-up, which will enable your unit to run efficiently throughout the year.

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