With the summer cooling season almost upon us here in Hudson, OH, air conditioner energy efficiency is top of mind for homeowners. And there are plenty of great ways that homeowners can maximize their home’s AC efficiency. To help, our experts put together this list of seven AC efficiency tips you can use right now to cut your energy costs as your air conditioning use rises.

1. Clean and Unblock Vents

One of the simplest ways you can boost your home’s AC energy efficiency is to clean and unblock all of your vents. A central air conditioning system needs to use every bit of its ductwork capacity to effectively cool a house. When you block or close vents or allow them to get excessively dirty, you force your air conditioner to work harder than it should. Plus, you restrict airflow in your home, which often leads to uncomfortable hot and cold spots.

2. Replace Your Air Filter

Your AC unit’s air filter is another potential choke point that may restrict airflow through your system. Although some air filters can last for up to six months in an average home, most residential air filters need replacement far sooner than that. We recommend that you change your air filters once every 90 days or so to prevent a dirty filter from disrupting airflow in your cooling system. That will preserve your AC unit’s efficiency and help you to maximize its performance.

3. Schedule an AC Maintenance Appointment

One of the best ways you can improve your home’s AC efficiency is to schedule a maintenance appointment with Bernard Heating & Cooling before the summer heat sets in. Our expert technicians will check out your air conditioner to make sure it’s in good working order and make any necessary adjustments. If they find anything that needs repair, they’ll let you know so that you can get it taken care of before the problem can cause an abnormally high electricity bill.

4. Upgrade Your Home’s Insulation

Another way to improve your house’s AC efficiency is to upgrade your insulation. The theory behind this is simple. The more heat you keep out of your home and the more cold air you keep inside, the less frequently your AC unit has to run. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, some houses may see up to a 15% improvement in AC energy efficiency by improving their insulation. That’s a bigger boost than you can gain in almost any other way than replacing your whole air conditioner with a newer, more efficient one.

5. Install Ceiling Fans

Believe it or not, human perception of air temperature is rather poor. That’s why a windy winter day feels so much colder than the actual temperature would suggest. In the summer, however, you can turn that weakness into a strength by installing ceiling fans in your home. Ceiling fans circulate air around your house and make you feel cooler at higher air temperatures. That reduces your reliance on your AC system and will save you money since fans cost less to operate than your air conditioner.

6. Install a Smart Thermostat

Another excellent way you can improve your home’s AC efficiency is to install a smart thermostat. According to multiple studies, the addition of a smart thermostat to your existing cooling system can yield an efficiency boost of up to 8%. Smart thermostats achieve this by learning your comfort preferences and looking for opportunities to save energy that won’t affect your indoor comfort. Plus, they give you the ability to control the temperature inside of your home while you’re not there, which can help you to avoid accidentally leaving your AC unit set too low when it doesn’t need to be.

7. Close Your Window Curtains During the Day

The final tip for improving your home’s AC efficiency is to close your window curtains during the day. Doing so blocks a substantial amount of the sun’s radiation from entering your house, where it would otherwise drive up the indoor temperature. It’s a simple trick that can reduce interior heat gain by up to 33%, significantly reducing the need for air conditioning. And, if you purchase and install purpose-built heat-blocking curtains, the savings can climb even higher!

Consult the AC Efficiency Experts

Of course, these are just a few of the ways that you can improve your home’s AC efficiency. The team at Bernard Heating & Cooling has served the Hudson community for up to 30 years, offering comprehensive HVAC services such as installation, maintenance, and repair. Plus, we provide indoor air quality solutions, water heaters, and humidifiers. For all of your Hudson home’s HVAC needs, call the experts at Bernard Heating & Cooling today!

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