Living without air conditioning during Ohio’s hot summer months can be a nightmare. Unfortunately, there are many potential issues that can cause your air conditioning system to not work properly or fail altogether. If this situation occurs in a property you are renting, you may be wondering whether your landlord is obliged to repair the problem and, if so, how long they must do so. Here is a breakdown of Ohio tenancy laws as they relate to air conditioning.

Understanding Ohio Tenancy Laws

Ohio tenancy laws state that landlords are legally obligated to repair any problems with the home within a reasonable time. This includes the building itself as well as the electrical, plumbing, HVAC systems, and all major appliances. If your air conditioning suddenly stops working as it could, this means that your landlord must have it repaired within a certain amount of time. If the landlord fails to carry out these duties, you as the tenant are legally allowed to cancel the lease agreement, and you may even be eligible to sue the landlord for potential damages.

The only issue is that the law does not specify what constitutes a reasonable amount of time. Since most HVAC contractors are extremely busy during the summer months, it could take up to a week or more before someone can come to inspect and repair your air conditioning. Nonetheless, the landlord should at least keep you updated and give you an estimated timeframe as to when the problem will be fixed. Your landlord is also required by law to give you at least 24 hours notice before they, a contractor, or anyone else enters your home or building.

If you informed your landlord about the air conditioning issues more than a week or two ago and the landlord has still not taken any steps to resolve the problem, they may be considered to have violated your rights as a tenant. However, this is not the case if the landlord has already contacted an HVAC professional and is simply waiting for them to have time to come inspect your AC system. For this reason, it is important that you are direct with your landlord and ensure that they have at least taken the first steps towards having the issue inspected and repaired. You should also make sure to document everything in case it becomes necessary to prove that the landlord did not take any action within a reasonable amount of time.

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Are Landlords Required to Provide Air Conditioning?

Although landlords are legally obligated to repair an existing air conditioning system, even window AC units, the law in Ohio does not require landlords to provide air conditioning. Essentially, this means that the landlord is only required to repair the issue if the building had an existing air conditioning system at the time you signed the lease and if this information is included in your lease agreement.

There are many situations where tenants move into a home or other building that they thought had air conditioning only to find out that the AC doesn’t work. In this situation, the landlord is still obligated to repair the system even if it didn’t work when you signed the lease. This is because, under the law, you would have been able to reasonably assume that the building has air conditioning due to the presence of an AC unit.

Unfortunately, if the building did not have AC when you signed the lease, the landlord does not have to provide it under the law. This is because Ohio law only states that landlords are required to provide water, electricity, and heating. They are not required to provide air conditioning.

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