Burning a scented candle inside your home can set a pleasant atmosphere. You may burn candles during holiday celebrations or perhaps you have them lit in your home throughout the year. Unfortunately, some candles can have a negative effect on the quality of the air inside your home.

Are Candles Bad for Indoor Air Quality?

Yes, burning any candle can be bad for your indoor air quality. But there are some candles that cause less harm to your indoor air than others. Other factors to take into account include how long you burn a candle, as well as the ventilation in your home.

Why Are Candles Harmful to Your Indoor Air Quality?

The creation of soot is the main reason why burning candles is harmful to your indoor air quality. The soot produced by a burning candle can contain harmful materials such as benzene, toluene, and phthalates. Some of this harmful material becomes airborne and circulates throughout a home.

These airborne materials can aggravate respiratory issues such as asthma and allergies. Also, soot can accumulate in the air ducts of a home. This dusty debris can blow out into the air every time your HVAC system kicks on.

Are There Any Candles That Are Safe to Burn in Your Home?

Yes, there are some candles that are safer to burn than others. Avoid burning candles made of synthetic materials with a strong unnatural scent. It’s best to burn candles made of natural materials.

Some examples of those materials include:

  • Palm oil wax
  • Coconut wax
  • Beeswax
  • Soy wax

How Do You Know If a Candle Contains Synthetic Materials?

Most candles have a label that notes their ingredients. But, if a candle doesn’t list its materials, there are some things to look out for.

Candles made of synthetic material usually create more soot that clings to the rim of the jar or surrounding area. Plus, many candles made of synthetic material have a strong, almost overwhelming scent. Natural candles, on the other hand, have a very light scent.

Does It Matter How Long a Candle Burns?

Yes, the length of time a candle burns in your home does have an effect on your indoor air quality. The longer a candle burns, the more soot it produces. So, as a guideline, it’s a good idea to limit candle burning to two hours or less.

Does It Matter How Many Candles Are Being Burned at One Time?

The answer to this question depends on the type of candles you’re burning. Burning two or more natural candles is not as harmful as burning two or more candles made of synthetic material.

Are There Any Safer Alternatives to Burning Candles?

Yes. If you decide to stop burning candles, you may want to consider wax melts. These are small squares or ovals of wax that release a scent as they melt. Once again, it’s best to choose a natural type of wax melt to put into your melting device. An electric wax melter gives you the ability to melt the wax without using a flame. So, you can avoid creating soot while enjoying a pleasant scent in your home.

What Can You Do to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality?

Burning candles made of natural materials is just one small change you can make to help your indoor air quality. Another thing you can do is contact a team of HVAC technicians to assess the quality of your home’s air. These professionals can provide practical solutions to help you and your family enjoy cleaner air!

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