Your thermostat is integral to the comfort of your Summit County home. As the headquarters of your heating and cooling unit, it monitors temperature fluctuations in your home and notifies your heating and cooling equipment to adjust to your desired temperature settings. Unfortunately, your thermostat might struggle to function as well as it ought to due to poor placement. An improperly located thermostat can create a false reading, wasting money and energy. On the other hand, ideal thermostat placement can help maintain optimal temperatures and increase energy efficiency.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Your thermostat helps maintain optimal temperatures in your Summit County home by detecting temperature changes. As such, it might provide false readings if it is in direct sunlight. The thermostat will assume that your home is warm and notify your air conditioner to cool your home. Alternatively, the thermostat will cause your heater to kick on when it’s not necessary, resulting in loss of energy and money. These “ghost readings” might also cause your heater to stay off when you need it.

Never Place it Near Air Vents

Your thermostat should detect even the slightest temperature changes to maintain optimal temperatures in your home. When you place it near air vents, your thermostat might get false readings due to the incoming air. If the air is warm, your thermostat will assume that your home is warmer and cause your air conditioner to cool. Similarly, it will cause your heater to warm your home if the incoming air is cold. These ghost readings will waste energy and increase your utility bills.

Don’t Place it Near Your Doors and Windows

Thermostats placed near doors and windows often give false readings. When hit with the incoming air, your thermostat might sense your room being cooler or warmer than it is. Furthermore, it might struggle to get accurate readings if the doors constantly open and close. Even heat coming through glass or drafts through uninsulated windows can throw off a reading. These inaccurate readings will cause your heating and cooling unit to cycle on and off without maintaining optimal temperatures in your home.

Place it Away From the Kitchen

The kitchen of your Summit County home probably remains warm without your heating equipment. A thermostat placed in such a concentrated and warm area will think that your home is warmer than it is. The thermostat will cause the air conditioner to cycle on to cool your home every time you start cooking.

Avoid Isolated Locations

The whole point of your heating and cooling unit is to maintain the desired temperature in your home. Therefore, never mount your thermostat in an isolated area such as the hallway. Instead, install the thermostat near the room where your loved ones spend most of their time. Placing it in the hallways and other isolated locations will result in inaccurate readings since airflow might be restricted.

Don’t Place it on an Exterior Wall

Unless your thermostat is designed to sense outside temperature, you should never place it on the inside of an exterior wall. It could measure the outside air temperature instead of the inside temperature, causing your home comfort equipment to cycle on and off when you don’t need it. Instead, it is advisable to install it on a central interior wall.

Proper Thermostat Placement

The ideal thermostat placement is away from your air vents, windows, doors, direct sunlight, and isolated rooms. Ideally, your thermostat should be placed on a central interior wall. Make sure to have it installed near the most frequently used room in your home for accurate readings and energy efficiency. Moreover, install it at an optimal height to accurately detect temperature changes.

Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning in Hudson and the Surrounding Areas

Ideal thermostat placement is integral to the performance of your heating and cooling unit. Not only that, but it can also increase energy efficiency in your Summit County Home. If you would like to discover more thermostat placement guidelines, get in touch with the NATE-certified technicians at Bernard Heating & Cooling. We will assess your specific heating and cooling needs to determine the best thermostat placement in your home. Our highly trained technicians provide exceptional air conditioning and heating installation, repair, and maintenance.

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